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    The Llandaff Clinic, formerly Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic, has been firmly established in Llandaff North, Cardiff, since 1997. Outgrowing our original premises in Station Road we acquired the old Belle Vue Doctors Surgery in 2011, which required extensive renovations to accommodate a variety of different therapies. We are now a multi-disciplinary clinic, with full disability access, baby changing facilities and ground floor treatment rooms, offering a safe private environment.

    In January 2014, we became the first chiropractic clinic in Cardiff and one of only 130 clinics nationwide to be awarded the prestigious PPQM (Patient Partnership Quality Mark) from the Royal College of Chiropractors as a sign of excellence in meeting patient expectations. This ensures that all patients receive care of the highest standard from all our practitioners and staff. We have received the PPQM award again for 2017-19 and 2020-22 certifying that we are maintaining these high standards.

    Laetitia Betsch-Lewis M(Chiropractic), GCC Registered Chiropractor

    Growing up, Laetitia had always wanted to become an engineer, she was very curious and wanted to know how things worked. At home she always participated in her Dad’s projects in electronics, computers and DIY. In France, where she grew up, she obtained a Masters in Engineering which lead to jobs in the USA and Norway to work in oilfields and offshore on the oil rigs. Between her love for gymnastics, volleyball, snowboarding and her new high-risk environment, she suffered her share of traumas. She started experiencing persistent neck pain and headaches, which led her to become a chiropractic patient. Chiropractic helped her greatly, but over the next decade, the pain would be more difficult to manage.

    Laetitia decided there must be more to her neck pain and headaches. Wanting more answers, she moved to Cardiff with her husband and young son, to study at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC), Pontypridd. During this time, she found pain science and neurology fascinating enabling her to understand the source of her pain and how to manage it. Besides the physical traumas, she recognises how emotional trauma plays a role in her pain experience. She graduated from the Master’s degree course with distinction.  Laetitia is fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council, a member of the British Chiropractic Association and a Licentiate Member of the Royal College of Chiropractors.

    Laetitia now helps others in accurately finding the source of their pain. Along with Diversified spinal manipulation techniques used commonly in Chiropractic, Laetitia uses a soft, low torque full spine adjustment approach called Thompson Technique which aims at correcting the body’s biomechanics and optimise neuro-muscular function that works well for the management of chronic pain. She also uses other techniques such as; Activator/Impulse tools, muscle release, acupuncture/dry needling and prescribes rehabilitation exercises tailored to the patient’s needs.

    Andrew Miles BSc(Chiropractic), DC, MRCC, GCC Registered Chiropractor

    Pembrokeshire born Andrew Miles, has been a popular and respected chiropractor in Cardiff for over twenty years.

    Andrew graduated from the internationally renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth in 1994. He spent three years working for practices in Lincolnshire before setting up Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic (now The Llandaff Clinic) in 1997. He has vast experience in treating conditions from the very young to those who have much more life experience. Whilst practising chiropractic in Cardiff, he has successfully treated many Welsh and international; athletes, footballers, rugby players, actors, A-list celebrities musicians, martial artists, skiers, snowboarders and has previously worked with the occupational health department at the BBC in Llandaff. In addition to practice, Andrew has served on the National Council of the College of Chiropractors (now the Royal College of Chiropractors) from 2001-2010 and has been Chair of the South Wales CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Faculty 2001-2012.

    Andrew is fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council, is a member of the British Chiropractic Association and the Royal College of Chiropractors.

    Since moving to Cardiff, Andrew has been an active supporter of the local community especially through Cardiff Round Table. Whether it be supporting Santa’s sleigh, helping Pudsey Bear or arranging the fireworks, he actively takes part in events locally and internationally. An experienced licensed pyro-technician, he co-ordinates the firing team for Sparks in the Park, Wales’ largest firework display and annually lights the fireworks for the Whitchurch and Llandaff North Christmas Lights switch-on. A keen snowboarder and skier, he enjoys trying to keep up with his twelve year old daughter on the slopes.

    Alyson Matheson MCSP, SRP, HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

    Alyson is a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist. She qualified from The Cardiff School of Physiotherapy in 1987 and worked for the National Health Service for 22 years holding a number of senior positions including Superintendent Physiotherapist.

    Alyson started in Private Practice in 2009 and has specialised in Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Medicine. She joined The Llandaff Clinic in January 2013. She is highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal conditions including; Sports Injuries, Trauma, Work Related pain, Spinal conditions, Whiplash and Arthritis.

    Alyson has completed numerous post graduate courses which include Acupuncture for pain relief, Spinal Mobilisation, Myo- Fascial / Muscle Release Techniques and Sports Kinesiology Taping.

    Sarah Steadman BSc (Hons), MChS, HCPC Registered Podiatrist

    Many people ask “what is the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist?” The answer is simple: in effect, no difference. All HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered podiatrists and chiropodists are fully qualified to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the foot and lower leg. Recently qualified practitioners will have been awarded a degree in Podiatry, so they tend to favour the term Podiatrist.

    Sarah graduated in 2014 from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a 1st class degree in Podiatry. She has enjoyed two previous careers as a nurse and a teacher. She now works part-time so that she can spend time with her grandchildren. Apart from her sessions at The Llandaff Clinic, Sarah has a flourishing domiciliary visiting practice.

    Sarah offers a free foot health assessment to all her patients. If you experience foot pain or discomfort from any cause you should consider a consultation. Don’t let embarrassment come between you and healthy feet.

    Alan Phelan BSc (Hons) MSc, DPodM, PgCTHE, FCPodS, FHEA, MCPod

    Alan is a HCPC registered Podiatrist with over 25 years’ experience as a clinician in foot and ankle care having worked in the NHS, independent practice and in podiatry education. He is highly experienced at assessing and treating all foot and ankle problems and can provide assessment, advice and treatment ranging from general foot care through to musculoskeletal pains and deformities and minor surgery. He is a visiting and consulting Podiatrist to several podiatry centres and has experience in general podiatry, musculoskeletal podiatry, minor surgery, podiatric surgery, diagnostic imaging, sports podiatry, personal injury and insurance assessments.

    Alan can offer help with many common foot and ankle problems including ingrown and problem toe nails, foot and ankle pains, verrucae, painful joints, walking problems etc.

    He specialises in providing treatments such as minor surgery for nail and skin problems, cryosurgery, needling for verrucae and is highly experienced in providing treatments under local anaesthesia to minimise pain and discomfort. Alan can offer a range of injection therapies for painful joints and feet and a range of conservative treatments such as taping, insoles and orthoses for foot pains and walking problems.

    Alan is also a keen and experienced clinical educator with a strong background in providing podiatry teaching, training, cpd and mentoring for colleagues and students. He holds registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and annotation in the use of local anaesthesia and prescription only medicines. He holds a Fellowship in Surgery of the College of Podiatrists, a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and is a member of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.

    Chris Cashin Dietitian MSc, HCPC Registed Dietitian


    Chris Cashin is the founder and owner of Cardiff Nutrition Consultancy, a Registered Dietitian (Health and Care Professions Council) and a Sports Nutritionist registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). She has practised as a Dietitian for over 20 years and has a vast amount of experience from both the NHS and academia, including a managerial role in a large hospital.

    The areas that Chris now specialises in include weight management, diabetes, children’s diets, allergies, IBS and of course sports nutrition. Sport is an area of particular interest, she has worked in the past for the English Institute of Sport and Sport Wales, with many of the UK’s top athletes. Chris is also a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and has appeared on local news programmes, Radio Wales, Xray and The Wales Report.

    For Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) Chris is able to offer an evidence based approach to treating this difficult condition. This can also include the use of the FODMAP diet. This has been shown to be an effective method of alleviating the symptoms.

    Stephen Scott MBCAP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


    Stephen is a BABCP-accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist www.babcp.com , a BACP accredited integrative counsellor www.bacp.co.uk  and an NMC-registered Nurse (RMN/RGN). I hold degrees in psychology, specialist CBT practice and post graduate qualifications in education and CBT.

    For the past 30 years Stephen has worked with people who are experiencing mental health problems and physical distress who need help understanding and coping with their difficulties.