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    I had tried a variety of orthodox and alternative treatments, over a ten year period, for crippling back pain – the consequence of a fall on the hard floor of a holiday hotel in Mallorca. Sometimes it took ten minutes to climb the stairs. I can honestly say that Andrew’s sessions have removed the symptoms, after an initial session and treatments every three to four weeks. As a social scientist I was very cynical about what I thought were unproven chiropractic methods. Now I regard them as essential in my life. I would recommend the practice to anyone.

    Professor David Reynolds CBE – Llantrisant


    I shuffled into Andrew’s Cardiff Chiropractic clinic barely able to move without pain and after a thorough consultation and treatment process, I positively skipped out, pain free and competed in a European championship event just two days later – Genius!!

    Pip Laugharne – Taffs Well


    Stacey is a fantastic Chiropractor – she puts you at ease and provides a service that suits your needs. She can always find those “points” that need a particular adjustment/treatment, and will go above and beyond to help you maintain a healthier/mobile lifestyle. I am very grateful to Stacey in all that she has done for me – Thank you x

    E Chicote


    My back problems started after the birth of my daughter in 1991. They came to a head in January 1998 when I woke one morning to find that I could hardly move. I consulted my doctor who told me I had sciatica, prescribed me some painkillers and signed me off work for two weeks. The pain got worse and nothing I tried – heat treatment, painkillers etc. seemed to help. I went back to my doctor and he began to suspect that it was a disc problem and he arranged for me to see an orthopaedic consultant. My GP told me that I may have to have surgery to sort the problem out. I had a friend who was an aromatherapist, so I rang her to ask if she could give me a massage. She suggested that I consult a chiropractor in Cardiff and recommended Andrew Miles. Andrew confirmed that it was disc trouble and began treating me. A few weeks later I saw the consultant. Andrew had given me a letter stating his diagnosis and treatment. The consultant agreed with Andrew’s diagnosis and said that it was one of the most accurate diagnoses that he had seen. He told me that my chiropractor was doing an excellent job and had avoided the need for surgery. Fifteen years on, I still see Andrew on a regular basis and have all my discs intact.

    Glenna Parry – Heath


    I really cannot thank Andrew enough! Having had neck and back problems for a long time I was really worried this would be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life after I had a severe car accident, and suffered a number of fractures to my neck. The turning point was when one of my colleagues recommended me to see the chiropractors at Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic, Cardiff (now The Llandaff Clinic). Prior to seeing Andrew I suffered from neck pain, back ache, pins and needles in my fingers, headaches and limited head movement, since my visits all these symptoms have disappeared thanks to Andrew I now feel like a new person. A massive thank you for sorting me out.

    Robert Adomaitis – Pontprennau


    After struggling for a number of years with lower back pains, which were a result of occupational manual handling/lifting and two road traffic collisions, and following visits to my GP, Physiotherapists (NHS and private), Osteopaths, yet still suffering with constant pain, I felt as if my career was soon to be over as I could no longer walk upright, let alone continue carrying out my normal working duties which requires good physical health. The constant pain, lack of ‘quality’ sleep, the continuous analgesics and the thought of becoming unemployed sent me into a deep depression. This is how I was when I walked (hobbled) into The Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic. I went there as a last resort after chatting to an ex-work colleague who told me good things about his treatment there, and who was convinced he would still be working alongside me if he had gone there earlier (His employment had been terminated because of his ailment). After my earlier encounters with the other health care professionals I admit to being sceptical about my initial consultation with Andrew Miles, but soon my mood lifted. At last it seemed there was someone who actually understood my condition and was initiating a treatment regime tailored to MY problem as opposed to just treating a ‘bad back’. Soon I was mobilising much better, the pain was easing, I could carry on with my life and needless to say I was a much happier person. I have since been back with other ailments including Achilles Tendon (fixed in ONE SESSION!), neck problems and elbow pain and every time came away feeling better than when I walked into the clinic. Now here I am, fifteen years on and not cast on the scrap heap. Not constantly taking pain killers to get me through the day, and still doing the job I love, which seemed almost an impossibility that day when I limped into the clinic. I can only say, “Thank you Andrew, I really don’t know what I would have done without you.”

    Kevin Dwyer, NHS Paramedic – Llandaff North


    Twelve years ago I was recommended to Andrew’s clinic following a sports injury that was preventing me from training and was also affecting my working life. I was amazed at how quickly my shoulder problems were diagnosed and the treatment I received enabled me to return to sports for the next ten years. Even when surgery became the final option, Andrew’s support and attention to detail provided an accurate diagnosis that my consultant was thrilled with. Andrew not only treated my injury but provided advice on training and prevention that has since allowed me to continue in a range of fitness programmes and his interest in all aspects of health and well-being often result in interesting discussions! I now turn to Andrew for chiropractic maintenance and both my personal trainer and I seek his guidance whenever I am trying something new. Both Andrew and his team have always extended a warm welcome and provide a reliable and professional service whenever you need it. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew’s team to friends and colleagues.

    Joanne W – Efail Isaf


    Andy is a true professional in health care. His approach is insightful and he works with total integrity. i cant thank him enough for getting me back to full fitness having fallen into the middle age lifestyle trap, He has worked a miracle with my back, from not being able to stand or walk his treatments have brought me back to an active lifestyle and he has supported me to change habits to help me avoid re injuring myself. There are very few people that i trust to make adjustments to my spine but Andy is definitely one of them. His treatments are definitely worth the 180 mile round trip!!! Thank you to Andy and his team at the Clinic.

    Marty Halford – Worcester


    I visited Andy Miles several years ago following a recommendation from a friend. I was suffering the consequences of playing rugby for 30 odd years together with the damage caused by the physical nature of my work. Andy very quickly established the cause of my problems and within a few sessions I was back to normal. In fact I felt a lot fitter and had regained full mobility. I had been diagnosed with a condition called fibromyalga many years before, the symptoms of which (aching joints and limbs etc.) appear from time to time when I have been pushing things a little too much. I have found the occasional visit to Andy, as I call it a quick top up session, certainly helps solve these problems and gets me back up and running at full steam. The treatment is always professional and courteous and not at all unpleasant. I would thoroughly recommend Andy to any one in the same situation and I know of several people both from work and amongst my friends whom I have sent to Andy and all have been very appreciative and complimentary of his services.

    Richard Bartley, Cameraman – Rhiwbina


    Any clinic that has Stacy Priddle working with them gets my recommendation. Lovely lady, actually concerned about your physical & mental wellbeing.

    Debbie Grace


    Having chiropractic on my back has made a tremendous difference to the way I feel, move, work and live. After suffering a painful back spasm, I visited Andrew on the recommendation of a friend. Since then I have received not only treatment, but also exercises to help keep my back muscles from tightening, advice on posture, movement, and even how to sit properly while driving. I have no hesitation in recommending friends to Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic, and have done so on 3 occasions’, all of whom would also pass on recommendations.

    Mike P – Cwmbran

    I finally did something about my chronic back pain after Andrew was recommended to me by a family member. Initially I needed weekly sessions but now I only need to see him a few times a year. I’m happy to say that thanks to Andrew’s treatment and advice, painkillers are no longer part of my daily routine and I can now stand up straight, something I hadn’t done in years! Andrew is friendly and approachable and really helped me which is why I whole heartedly recommend his chiropractic service

    Alisha N, 34 – Llandaff North


    After being incapacitated by lower back pain for several weeks, I had a number of appointments with a physiotherapist who, apart from the expected manipulative treatments, also unsuccessfully tried acupuncture. Nothing seemed to work for me. On the very first visit to Andy Miles, I just knew that his technique had found “the right spot”. Since that time, six or seven years ago, Andy has helped enormously in treating a sore Achilles tendon, a bout of tennis elbow and general flexibility, in addition to advising on self-help exercises. If, like me, you have tried other treatments without relief, I would highly recommend a visit to Andy; or, why not make it your first port of call?

    Graham Davies, 61 – Llandaff

    I have been attending Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic (The Llandaff Clinic) for about 14 years. I have been treated for neck and back stiffness and knee problems. As I am a senior I attend regularly to make sure I remain mobile. I have every confidence in the treatment I receive and would recommend Andrew to everyone.

    Mary Scarrett – Penarth

    I have been a patient of Andrew Miles at Llandaff Chiropractic Clinic (The Llandaff Clinic) for the past six years, during which time I have been treated with courtesy and respect. Always greeted in a friendly manner, using my Christian name, but that is my choice. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone suffering back pain or any other area which can be relieved by the attention of a chiropractor.

    Janet Lindsay – Radyr


    Stacey is such a hardworking and caring chiropractor. She instils confidence in you from the moment you meet and she tailors her techniques to your personal needs. You couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you for everything Stacey 🙂

    Ofra Kurt


    Had a wonderful chiropractic treatment from Stacey today. I suffer mainly with Fibromyagia and she was brilliant. Her approach was perfect. I highly recommend. I feel more upright, comfortable and lighter. Thankyou x

    Kirstey Lee – Canton


    I have been seeing Andy on and off now for 4 years due to issues mainly with my neck and upper back. Andy is very professional, calm and always takes the time to provide a clear explanation of any treatment he is carrying out. I cannot begin to describe the relief that I experience after a session with Andy, he always goes above and beyond what I expect. I have recommended him to many a family member and all who visit come away with the same opinion as me. I have visited many a Chiropractor in several different countries and Andy is by far the best. Go and see, what my children refer to as the back man, you certainly will not regret it. Thank you Andy 🙂

    Clare Schwarz – Germany


    Andrew, so refreshing to be on the receiving end of such considered and developed customer service.
    A credit to yourself and all involved. I had previously bought into a program package of many treatments elsewhere and albeit some improvement, the symptoms were ever-present after my 12 wks course. The Llandaff Clinic is wholly competitive and after 4 treatments the improvement in my symptoms was and still is fantastic. The beauty here you are not enticed into a course of treatment at a seemingly cut down price, for me 4 treatments were enough to get me on my way and pain free. Professional, friendly and above all you feel in safe experienced hands, he is always on hand for advice and guidance. Have recommended others with equally pleasing outcomes.

    Steven Walsh – Lytham St Annes


    Andrew Miles’ treatments really got my back loose and moving straight away. And his method was really comfortable. I’ve since moved away from Cardiff but still drop in to see him at the clinic for a loosen up whenever I’m in town. I even have friends and family, who I recommended him to, travel over an hour for his advice and expertise in chiropractic. Brilliant chiro. Highly recommended.

    Nicky Albrecht – Perth, Australia


    I went to Andy with a very painful shoulder and neck. The clinic was very easy to find, parking was easy, and the reception is very spacious and comfortable. As soon as i met Andy he went through my symptoms and diagnosed a trapped nerve and the effect this was having on my shoulder and lack of strength in my arm. He gave me some neck cracking treatment on the day. The next day I had no pain and much more movement, within 3 days I was back to normal…… the man is a genius!!

    Alastair Tulloch – Ystrad Mynach