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    Acupuncture is the practice of treating people using needles and the Chinese system of medicine that governs which points are used.

    People have been treated for thousands of years using acupuncture. Ancient texts describe a complex but fascinating insight into how the human body works. Acupuncturists use this tried and tested theory and apply it to modern complaints.

    A traditional acupuncturist views the body as a reflection of the greater world. As such, the body is in constant, dynamic interaction with the environment. Health in this system is not static, but rather the ability to adapt gracefully to all the changes and challenges that life sends ones way. Anything from environmental conditions (for example living in a damp house) to dietary choices and the emotional stresses that work/life throws up can upset this delicate balance and create illness. A healthy person can manage these changes while maintaining their health.




    Acupuncture treatment in Cardiff at The Llandaff Clinic is aimed at reducing pain and restoring normal function of the muscles. This approach helps with resolving your problem and enhancing your feeling of wellbeing. You may notice other niggling problems resolve as your main health complaint improves.

    Acupuncture originated in China and other far eastern cultures where it still features in mainstream healthcare, both as a stand-alone therapy and in combination with conventional western medicine. Acupuncture is now widely used and accepted worldwide. In the UK an ever increasing number of people are discovering what acupuncture can do for them.